Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Book of Prophelations

Sister Baird and I have started writing a companionship journal called the Book of Prophelations (a combined form of Revelation and Prophecy..(: ) I will thus write you an entry from it:
1. And it came to pass that we did labour much in mileage, in an attempt to save the souls that live in the land of Beach.
2. But behold, we did labour diligently and grew in tiredness, and thus we were left unable to save the souls of men.
3. Therefore, we did turn to our Father in prayer, asking in faith to receive strength.
4. Nevertheless, we thus proceeded out of the Motorized Chariot and we had scarcely done so when strength was added unto us. And thus we see that our Brother Moroni speaketh truth that you do indeed receive a witness after the trial of your faith.
5. And it came to pass we did see Lavinia, as well as Elizabeth before we proceeded forth unto the Beach.
6. Birds did flock unto us in an attempt to eat our provisions. In a cunning attempt to touch one, we placed hot chips near our feet, but they durst not come.
7. We thus continued in the harvest of souls. Our plans dwindled, but we did therefore remain faithful and hopeful that the salvation of many souls would come.
8. It came to pass that we again began to travel towards the southern parts of Aucklandihah.
9. But behold, the Spirit of the Lord spoke unto us as if we were dumb, and caused the windows of the motorized chariot to fog. With fear of crashing, our progress came to a halt; but in the words of Dieter F. Uchtdorf, "it was merely an interruption."
10. Therefore, we did align our will with the Father's and did stretch forth our hands unto the Dilworth Whanau.
11. oh, how great was our joy.
12. Behold the time was nigh to return from whence we came and we did so listening to the counsel of John from the Family of BytheWay people.
13. Whilst travelling swiftly in the Silver Bullet, the Father directed us to the home of Naydeen.
14. Her faith was dwindling, but thus we see that the Father answers prayers through his humble servants.
15. Our souls did rejoice in the change of countenance thereof.
16. And we come to an end of our proceedings.
This week was really good. (: Haha, and we have probably too much fun together. I love Sister Baird! We had a pretty cool miracle this week that I will proceed to share with you all. (: So, there is this family in our ward, the Baker family, and they are the greatest member missionaries in the world. Well, Briana, their 13 year old daughter, invited her friend, Ngapipi, to our ward Luau. And Ngapipi decided a week ago that she wanted to be baptised! The only problem...she lives just on the other side of the mission border. Right in the Auckland Mission. We can see it, but we cannot touch it. Well, we referred her to Auckland Missionaries and then she suddenly decided that she didn't want to see us anymore. So, we were praying about what to do and we felt really strongly that we should go to Jeff's Road (the mission boundary.) So, we followed our prompting and drove over there at about 6 o'clock in the evening. We got there and nothing was happening and we were about to leave. When all of a sudden I felt the distinct impressing to wait. So, we prayed and then the windows started to fog again. We must be really dumb if the Spirit has to speak to us that way. So, we waited. And then about 2 minutes later, the Auckland missionaries pulled up behind our car. So, it was a major miracle! And we were able to discuss some things and such. It was such a cool experience. (:
This week has been really, really good. My companion is absolutely amazing and I am loving working with her. I have learned so much and will continue to learn from her as long as the Lord needs me to. (:
IMG_6467 -> Us at the beach. (:
IMG_6458 -> Gotta have the photo on the bike.
IMG_6473 -> Our car's odometer said 2015 and that's when both Sister Baird and I finish, so naturally I had to take a photo. (:
Sister Pearce