Sunday, January 12, 2014

Bug Bites out the Wazoo!

Man, our flat must have fleas or something because Sister Holmes and I are getting eaten alive! I have bites, all up and down my legs, on my, it's itchy as, but I washed everything and I'm going to vacuum my bed and spray permithrin. (: Hopefully, it'll cease to torture me. (: I look like I have a disease or something. (:

SO! I had legitimate, authentic Indian food this week. Don't you dare try any Indian food in the States and tell me that it's good Indian food because chances are it wasn't anything like what we ate this week. I can't even accurately describe to you how good it was. It was Brown Daal and then there was a dish of cooked chick peas with this bread stuff, not naan, it was just flour, water and some spices, but holy llamas, it was delicious. The chick peas were surprisingly good! But it was so freaking spicy. Ya'll probably know how wimpy my taste buds are, but this was out of control spicy. Holy crap. But I'd eat it every day if I could. It was so incredible! Indian culture is really beautiful. The only thing is that they demean the value of women a heap. Jazz had to serve us and the men, like we weren't allowed to do anything and if the men wanted something, she had to get it right away. I felt terrible, but I guess they are used to it. It really is an amazing culture, I mean how could it not be when they make such good food! (;

So, the beach was absolutely amazing! It was such a beautiful sight, and the water was so refreshing. (: President Rudd allows us to I'm not being an apostate missionary, don't yous worry. (: I've hardly ever been to a regular beach, let alone a black sand beach and it was a blast! We took off our shoes and ran through the waves. My feet have never been and probably never will be, so black. (:

We almost got attacked by a dog this week!  It was scary as! But I guess being a missionary constitutes being chased by dogs. Otherwise, you aren't doing it right. (: We went to visit a less active that we had never met before and they had a gate. Being the persistent fools we are, we opened the gate and walked up to the front door. As we were knocking on the front door, a dog came barrelling around the corner and started yapping and barking and growling at us. It was trying to bite us, but it had really bad aim or something, or I think that Heavenly Father was definitely watching over us. We didn't really know what to do so we just slowly worked our way around it and back out the gate. Moral of the story: don't go in gates. (:

Elder Hirsche and Elder Galt came and spoke to us this week. I guess the whole mission knows that we're having companion issues, but talking to the assistants made everything better. We are getting along so much better and it is really really great. (: Elders Hirsche and Galt are so inspired and they were able to solve our problems. They left us each with a  commitment and as we are applying those commitments into our companionship, we are getting along so wonderfully now!

Yesterday, we went tracting out in the wop wops again! On this road called Gunclub Road. Yeah, we found a new investigator. I'm telling you, the roads that are the most neglected are the ones that have the prepared people! I freaking love the people here. Even if they do slam the doors in our faces. The ones who don't are even more amazing, and the ones who let us in are absolutely celestial. I'm telling you, when we work hard and are exactly obedient, we see miracles. And when we go to all the places of our area, we see even more miracles. It's absolutely mind blowing. I love missionary work! It's crazy to think that I'm already on week 8! (:

This week was really quite amazing. We saw heaps of miracles and all of our investigators are really golden. They are all so keen to learn more about the gospel and they are just ready to be baptized! I love watching the work move forward in the Pukekohe 2nd ward! Our ward is absolutely amazing and the people in our area are so prepared and so ready. Of course, there are the people that are just rude and don't want anything to do with religion, but for the most part, it's really amazing! Walking around all day, I have developed some pretty mean calf they're really impressive. (: But anyway, I pray for all of you every night and I can feel your prayers strengthening me everyday. 18 months is a small price to pay, when what we know is so special and important. When we know that families can be together forever and that God is our loving Heavenly Father, 18 months isn't a long time.
I love you all so much. And my love for you grows everyday.
Sister Pearce

P.S. I wouldn't be objected to a letter here and there. Not to sound desperate or anything, but...seriously. (:

Sister Rachel Pearce
131 Ward Street
Hamilton 3204
New Zealand.

4341 -> Don't tell me that that isn't the prettiest thing that you have ever seen.

4346 -> Just another beautiful picture of the ocean and the black sand. (:
                                                (From the Editor:  Photo missing from email  - sorry)
4352 -> This is Elder Hester and I. We're so cute together, right? (; Ah, jokes. (:
                                                (From the Editor:  Another Photo missing from email  - sorry)
4359 -> So, this is Elder Otto and Elder Hester...don't tell me that that isn't the most epic picture you've ever seen...and I captured it at exactly the right time. (:

4366 -> This is Jazz! Our cute little Indian friend. (: You can kind of see the food that she and her mom made for us...oh, my goodness gracious hallelujah. IT WAS SO GOOD. Dad, you have no idea what good Indian food is!

4382 -> This is the Howard family minus Bailey (he was at SMYC), but we had just played a game that involved cookies and it just got messy. (:

4394 -> So...this is our district...starting from the, elder hester, elder otto, elder wright, sister miggin, elder kaio, sister holmes, sister leung-wo, and sister McCarthy. Haha, we were super bored and Sister Miggin had happy face stickers. Nek Minit. (:

4409 -> This is my beautiful companions and I .(:

1237 -> This is the official Pukekohe 2nd Ward picture! Elder Hester, Elder Otto, Sister Miggin, Sister Me, and Sister Holmes!

4350 -> (The unknown photo - sorry from the editor - no description to put here)

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