Sunday, March 8, 2015

A good/hard/windy/rainy Week

Holy mackerel. What a crazy week this was. I will try my best to explain it in words that make sense and edify. (:

This whole week I felt that I was I guess a little bit inadequate. I think it started on Tuesday when the Zone Leaders were telling us, in District Meeting, how good the zone is doing and how most of the companionships in our zone have investigators set for baptism. And I just felt that I wasn't doing enough because none of my investigators were set for baptism. Even though Sister Perry and I had been praying and fasting for our investigators. And I'm not going to lie, this area has taken a lot of brain power, every second of every day. I love it, I really really do, but I am starting to feel like the work I am putting in is reaping no fruit. 

But we went out working anyway. Tuesday we had a couple of really awesome lessons with our investigators and one of them Jo, even felt the Spirit so strongly that she cried at the end of the Joseph Smith movie. It was a really awesome lesson and I truly enjoyed being with her as she received answers to who the Prophet Joseph Smith was. 

On Thursday, I went on exchanges with Sister Fisher. It was really awesome. I remember the second night that we were in the MTC together and we were just sitting in the corner crying because we thought that 18 months was going to last for an eternity. And then here we are 16 months later, serving in Taranaki New Zealand. Crazy how the Lord works. We saw so many miracles that day! It was absolutely amazing. We found three new investigators from referrals that we had received from the Elders and also from the Visitor's Centre in Hamilton. It was so cool. And I was having a really good time. I really felt the Spirit working through me that day. I love those days. Those days when you just know that you have done all you can to become clean so that you can be a mouth piece for the Lord. It is an amazing feeling. We even met with one of our investigators name Ngaire (Ng-eye-dey or Neyeree) and she accepted the invitation to be baptized!! How cool is that? She has a lot to work through, but Sister Fisher and I felt really good about setting her for the last Saturday in March and she accepted!! (: I felt so happy!

But then we, Sister Fisher and I, went to a very challenging meeting.  Things were said and some of them were rather unkind and I know this is a little vague, but lets just say I was able to control my emotions in the meeting, but, the second I got out of that office I just broke down and all of the feelings that I had been feeling just came out in one big cry. It was so inspired that Sister Fisher was with me because if it had've been Sister Perry, we both would've been crying. It was terrible. I just felt so under appreciated and discouraged. Even Sister Fisher was shocked at how bad it was. 

So, we closed exchanges and when we got back to New Plymouth, I called Elder Cardall and asked him to give me a blessing because I just felt so discouraged. It was a really powerful blessing. I definitely felt the Spirit of the Priesthood. And I definitely felt the Lord's love for me. 

The weather the past few days has been dreadful! Rain so thick that we can't even see across the street. But it's okay because New Zealand needs the rain. And the wind! I think it must've been like being in a hurricane! Holy cow. 

I know that the Lord is mindful of each of our challenges an trials. And I know that He always provides a way for us to feel loved and to feel His love. I love the promises that He makes to us. And I love the Lord so much. I know that my Saviour lives. He loves me. And I know that I am a daughter of Heavenly Father who love me and I love Him. 

I love you all so very much! Thank you for all of the support you give me. 

7111-> We took a trip out to Maunga Taranaki for Preparation Day. It was so lovely! 
7121-> A really cool monument. (:
7142-> All of the rubbish that we threw out a Sister Clarkson's (Crazy Cat Lady) on Monday
7149-> I risked my life to take this photo. I thought for sure the wind would blow me over. But it was worth it. (:

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