Sunday, November 17, 2013

Rachel's Letters

My friends son needs some keyboarding time so I have sent Rachel's letters down to have them transcribed I will put them on soon! I also hope she will send us some photos soon.

Dear Family, November 6

HOLY COW! What a busy day it has been! I am so happy here! The spirit that I feel here is something I wouldn't trade for anything the world! I have felt Heavenly Father’s love more in these last 9 hours than probably any time in my life.

I bet you’re dying to hear about my companion, Right?? Okay, well her name is Megan Lamoureax and we complete each other! It’s absolutely amazing how much we compliment each other’s personalities. we got along right from the get go. I absolutely love her. Her mom made me a package with 13 days worth of little gifts and a 13th one that Sister Lamoureax will open on our final day here. It’s so weird getting used to Elders and Sisters. Like, seriously. So, the Host sister took me to get my name tag, then we went to my room to drop off my luggage. THEN, I got my books, THEN I went to my classroom / district. The other two sisters in our district / room are Sister Fisher and Sister Ware. There are 6 Elders, and I don’t remember their names. Some of us are going to New Zealand and the others … Iowa. Ha! Our Teachers are Brother Woof and Welch. They are really really awesome. After we finished intro's and such we went to a “Meet the Mission Presidents” thing and their wives all spoke! They mostly told us to remember to smile and that we are representatives of Jesus Christ. Then we ate dinner around 4:15 :) chicken fried steak, it was pretty good! Then we had a teaching experience were we went to knock on doors and teach investigators! Holy Cow, even though they were actors, I still felt a great joy when they said they’d commit to, you know, reading the Book of Mormon or getting baptized. Then we met our Zone leaders. Elder ? is so good looking :) I think his name is Kusim. I am not sure!

I love you all dearly. But I am having a wonderful time.
I love the M.T.C.!!
I mean

Sister Pearce

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