Sunday, September 21, 2014

Four eyes, Four eyes, You need glasses to see!

So the whole week I was thinking of that quote, but for the whole week I was driving myself crazy because I couldn't remember what movie it was from! Then yesterday, I asked my District Leader, Elder Roberts, and he calmed my craziness. It's from Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs!! So, that is my subject line because of the annoying itch it caused me this whole week. (:

This week was...hard, but good. We have really been struggling to teach. More than ever in my entire mission, but Sister Mauia and I are motivated and our teaching pool is slowly, let me repeat, slowly growing. We have a pretty keen investigator named Helen and I am pretty sure that she will end up getting baptised. But she just opened up to us with probably the strangest we're going to try and resolve that the next lesson we have with her.

Well, last week Monday, we went to the beach as a district and it was a blast and a half. The elders made sandwiches and we got chicken nibbles and Mountain Dew. (: We had a picnic and then went and took heaps of photos! I absolutely love our district. (: Sister Mauia and I are the only sisters and I love it! There are two Tongan program elders, Elder Tatafu and Elder Mafi, our elders, Elder Mariner and Elder Au, and then the two Samoan program elders, Elder Roberts and Elder Komi Semu. Elder Roberts got called to the Samoan program, but he is a palangi form Arizona. He said that the language is really hard to learn! He is our district leader and he is probably the most spiritually strong elder I've met out here. He's the man!

Tuesday, we got to go to the temple! So all of the South Auckland Missionaries piled onto a bus and we drove down to Hamilton!! It made me so nostalgic...but anyway! The temple was amazing. The session was so good and it was a beautiful experience. (: We were asked to go fasting and the whole session you could hear the stomachs saying, "Feed me, feed me." But it was really good. We had a mean as feed afterwards and so it all made it worth it! I love this gospel. (:

On Wednesday nights, we teach an english class at the chapel. Only two people come, but they are the two coolest people ever. We have Ben Jin Wu, from China and Paul, from Korea. Paul is pretty good, but doesn't know how to write, or read, so that's our focus with him and Ben Jin can't speak at all, so we're starting at the basics with her. It's good that Elder Au is here because he can translate when she doesn't understand. It's so fun! Well, during our class, the Zone Leaders called and told us that we needed to drive our car down to Hamilton in the morning to trade it in for a brand new Corolla. (: The car we had was a hatch back, all the mission cars were hatchbacks, and with the bike rack on, you couldn't open the boot of the car, so Elder Marsden (who is in charge of vehicles) decided to get sedans instead. (: So, we got to drive down to Hamilton in a old new car and drive back in a new new car. (: It only had 11 k's on it when I turned it on. (: (:

Yesterday and Saturday were Stake Conference. I'm not going to say they were life changing, but they were pretty good. The Stake President is a Canadian and his accent is a weird hybrid of Canadian and New Zealand. It was good, but the best part about it were the choirs. For the adult session a choir from the Hill Park Ward sang and they did such an amazing job. It was absolutely beautiful! And then for the general session the Tongan Ward sang. The thing about Tongans is they have beautiful voices, but they like to sing really really loud. (: They have so much power! It's so great. And they wore their Touvalas which were beautiful! I'll attach photos!

Well, that's about all for this week. It was good. I am having a lot of fun with Sister Mauia! She's awesome. (:

IMG_5825-> The Three Non-Islanders in the District. (:
IMG_5836-> The District!
IMG_5839-> Elder Roberts and I!
IMG_5840-> Elder Au and I!
IMG_5959-> Us and the Tongans!
IMG_5980-> Elder Roberts parked his car in front of our flat and we had sticky notes...(:
IMG_5998-> We hung out with Tongans!
IMG_6041-> Us and the Tongans in their lovely garb!!
IMG_6042-> The Whole Choir!
IMG_6050-> SELFIE!!!

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