Monday, September 1, 2014

It's Been A Week of Firsts

Well, this week was long. But it was good. It was full of >goodbyes >Lost Luggage >A CAR >Sister Mauia >Chapel Downs Ward and >South Auckland (again)!!

It started out this week really good. Sister Uele is so amazing. I think out of all of my companions she has been the one that really was my sister. We have such a good connection and I love her so much. (: We had District Meeting on Tuesday and as hard as the Zone Leaders tried, it was kind of just a waste of an hour...(: They're still little boys. Haha. Sister Uele and I were walking home with plans to make pancakes for lunch when Elder Faloon and Elder Napier invited us to come to get pizza with them and Elders Witt, Au, and Fonokalafi. So, we decided to go! So, we went and got pizza and then went to the skate park to eat with the Elders. (: I took some awesome videos of the Elders trying to conquer the bowl, but unfortunately I can't send videos. ): One day you'll see them. Then we got transfer calls! I am going to head up to the Redoubt Zone with Sister Mauia!! Back up to South Auckland, where I started my mission. I was pretty excited, but pretty nervous at the same time. But in the words of one of my great friends, "Heavenly Father knows you better than you know yourself." (: How true that is!

So, Sister Uele busied ourselves visiting members, investigators, and friends saying goodbye and taking photos with those who I have grown to love with all of my heart. It was so bittersweet saying goodbye to the Lake Rotoroa ward, knowing that I would grow in my next area, but knowing that I was leaving behind families who had become like my own family. I said goodbye to and took photos with everyone that I wanted to and I got packed all in the amount of time that I had. It was literally a miracle. (: Pictures to come. (:

Well, Thursday, Transfer Day, rolled around and I was rushing around packing my bedding and loose ends and at 8:15, Sister Heu came over and dropped off my birthday present. (: Chocolate, oh, how she knows me. (: Then at 8:30, Sister Hughes and Sister Mu'amoholeva came to our flat. Sister Hughes is getting transferred up to Manurewa, the zone just below Redoubt. So, we'll be companions and Sister Mu'amoholeva will stay with Sister Uele. (: The Zone Leaders came with the trailer and I packed all my stuff into it. Saying goodbye to Sister Uele was so hard. We hugged and suddenly my allergies acted up and my eyes watered uncontrollably. It's crazy how inconvenient allergies are, eh? Then we left. I left my heart, my sister, and my ward. But! On to bigger and better things!! South Auckland needs Sister Pearce and Sister Pearce needs South Auckland. (: So, we got to transfer meeting and moved what I thought was all of my stuff to my new zone's trailer. Had transfer meeting, learned about a temple trip on the 9th of September, what a nice birthday gift, and had lunch! After lunch, we shot off! An hour and a half in the car with Sister Taisnei, Elder Winter, and Elder Nelson. It was...interesting. Haha.

We arrived in Manakau at the Redoubt Road chapel and waited for our companions to arrive. They unloaded the trailer and as the trailer kept getting emptier and emptier I realised that one of my very important bags was missing. So, the Zone Leaders texted the Assistants and the Assistants said that the Glenview Zone had it. So, somewhere in translation, it got left in my old zone's trailer. WHOOPS!! So, the last little while I have gone without my bedding and some other things. Bedding in New Zealand in the winter is very important. So, it's been really cold these past couple of nights. Very. Cold. It's quite sad. But! Again, Heavenly Father knows me much better than I know myself. (:  Also, while waiting in the car park for Sister Mauia, I learned that WE ARE GETTING A CAR!!!!!!!!!!!! MY FIRST CAR ON THE MISSION!! I am very very very excited. (: But there's something wrong with it so we won't get it for a few days. But at least we get one! (:

Then Sister Mauia came to the chapel car park! The first thing I noticed was how tall she is. I think out of all my companions, she is the tallest. (: So, I am again the short one! Fun times. We got along right away! I am so excited to work with her. She has only been out for about 6 months, so I am the senior companion, another first of the mission. (: She is from American Samoa and both her English and her Samoan are really good. She is really loud and loves to laugh and just like my past three companions, struggles to be obedient. But that is what I am here to help her with. (: I think Heavenly Father trusts me. I'm starting to trust myself. It's a beautiful thing! (:

We are serving in the Chapel Downs Ward! It is a very small ward. Almost small enough to be considered a branch, but it is growing and I am excited to help it grow. The work is booming up here and we have over 20 investigators that all are begging to be baptised. Nah, haha, but they are all really interested to learn more about the Good News that we have. (: The ward is really good and the members love coming out with us. I know that I am going to love this area! (:

Well, I started in South Auckland and the Prodigal Daughter has returned once again to South Auckland. (: It is so busy and it is mostly Polynesians. I don't think I've seen more than 5 Palagis, or White People, since I've been up here. (: All good! I stand out. And I love Islander food. Taro and chop suey. (: The bomb!

Here are all the pictures that I have taken this week, if they don't all fit, I'll send them in two emails. (:

Sister Pearce. (:

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