Sunday, March 9, 2014

I Desire the Fire!!

This week was AWESOME! It started out on Monday and Sister Leung-wo and I just shopped around Pukekohe because the rest of our District was off doing their own thing. It was so fun! We printed out pictures and just hung out...ate some fish and chips (yummy(; )

Tuesday, we had service with one of our investigators. She's going to be having a baby soon, so she wanted some help cleaning her house. Let. Me. Tell. You. She NEEDED help cleaning her house. We spent a LOT of time cleaning just her kitchen and then her was a lot of manual labor, but it was SO fun. (: We got to know her really well and we found out a couple of her concerns. So, that was really effective. And I got to scrub a floor on my hands and knees...which I've always wanted to do. I felt a lot like Cinderella.

This Thursday we had zone meeting and it was so AMAZING! We talked about so many different things and I learned HEAPS! A couple of things that stood out to me go as follows: "I desire the fire!!" "The Book of Mormon is a testifier AND a converter." "There are 4 steps to conversion: 1. Desire, 2. Works, 3. Prayer, 4. Trust in the Lord" "Move from THINKING to DOING!" "Don't be satisfied being at the level you're at."

Sorry this email isn't long, but I am just so good that I don't have much to say on the matter! I am getting transferred this week, I'm not sure where or who my new companion is going to be, but I will definitely fill all yous in next week. (: I am still in love with New Zealand and the people here! Here's a motivating quote to get you through the week..."Though storm clouds may gather, though the rains may pour down upon us, our knowledge of the gospel and our love of Heavenly Father and of our Saviour will comfort and sustain us and bring joy to our hearts as we walk uprightly and keep the beloved brothers and sisters, FEAR NOT. Be of good cheer. The Future is as bright as our faith."

xoxo Sister Pearce. (:

I totally forgot about pictures...
3455 is Us and a newly wed couple from our ward; Jack and Liz Stanford
3444 is us and (left to right) John Tangi, Ephraim Aupouri, David Tangi, Bailey Allendar, and Azeal Tangi.

3117 is Blaire and I getting our nails done. (:

3316 is Sister Leung-wo and I in the middle of the road before we had to go home. Sister Leung-wo has a bad habit of laying in the road when no cars are around. (:

3236 is a selfie of Sister Leung-wo and I...

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