Sunday, March 23, 2014

Malo Soifua! (Email Dated: March 16, 2014)

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope this email finds you all in tip top shape! (: This past week was pretty crazy! Sister Leung-wo and I are no longer companions and I guess I never really realized the meaning of companion unity until her...I actually feel like I've lost a part of myself not being companions with her anymore...I never really understood what Christlike love was until I did EVERYTHING in my power to help her. And I never knew that I could fall in love with a tiny New Zealand town called Pukekohe. Pukekohe will always have a small part of my heart...may bigger than a small, but there's definitely a place in my heart for that beautiful little town. I can safely say that Sister Leung-wo will forever be one of my greatest friends. (:

Well, since I know you are all curious as about transfers, I'll tell a minute. (: Muahaha, the last night we had in our area, Ruby and Blaire threw us this going away partay! (: They ordered Pizza Hut, hot chips, drinks, got desserts, the works. It was AWESOME. (: Then we took some family photos, which are attached...(: (4723 is a nice one...4724 is our gang signs one...4728 is our awesome Maori one.) I love that family! They became like my family away from home while I was serving there...even now they are still like family. (:

Okay, now it's transfer time...So, my best friend and I have been separated from each other and I've been moved to the Glenview Stake, Lake Rotoroa Ward, with Sister Amituanai. Sister Ami is from Samoa and she's trying really hard! Her English is shaky and she doesn't understand sometimes, but she is trying. we don't really have much in common yet, but I'm sure that we will eventually! She is teaching me Samoan and I am teaching her English...O le Atua o lo tatou Tama Fa'alelagi...that just means God is Our Heavenly Father..nothing special. (: Our ward is really awesome! The members are so keen to do missionary work and we are so excited to be able to help them in this endeavor! Our bishop is Bishop Thomsen and he is from Utah originally! So, that's pretty awesome. (: Our ward is really keen on feeding us as it's a good thing that I'm riding a bike again, eh? (: FUN FACT: There is a Pearce family is our ward! But, alas, they spell their name Pearse...): But it's so cool, Sister Pearse said that she's adopted me as a daughter already. (:

I don't know if yous heard about it, but we had a cyclone here! My very first cyclone and it was...not that bad! It was cold and windy and pretty rainy, but we were still able to get out and work for the most part...(: We actually had a service project with our district in the rain and it was so fun! We did yard work and the lady we did it for invited us into her house afterwards, but we were all drenched..we ended up just standing in the kitchen and we sang her I Am A Child of God, but it was still so cool! Haha, the night before the cyclone hit, our zone leaders called us and they were all serious, "There's a cyclone coming and all the missionaries are being evacuated!" And I didn't know, so I totally believed them! Nek minit, they were just kidding, so I felt a little dumb, but not that dumb. Haha, they just told us to keep our windows closed and fill up containers of water just in case. It was a little to intense for how lame the storm actually was, but better to be safe than sorry!

Well, I'd just like to wish my dad a HAPPY BIRTHDAY this week. (: I'm so grateful for my dad and all that he does for my family and I! So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I LOVE YOU!!

4737-> Sister Amituanai and I (:
3236-> And a final one of me and my best friend. (:

I love you all!!! (:

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