Sunday, March 30, 2014


This week has been AMAZING!! Pause: I have been out for almost 5 months!!!!!!! Holy cow, time has FLOWN by. Play: I have learned so many things this week and I am absolutely amazed at how New Zealand never ceases to amaze me.

This week was AWESOME!! Did I mention that? I guess I did. Tuesday, we had interview meeting and subsequent interviews with President Rudd. It was so good! Our Zone Leaders did a training on setting goals and reaching those goals and then we talked about how to improve our tweeing or "talking with everyone!" It was such a good training and I learned so much from it! And then an interview with President Rudd was the icing on the cake! President Rudd is such a good mission president and I am so lucky to be serving under him.

On Wednesday, we went on Companion Exchanges with our Sister Training Leader, Sister Laban and her companion Sister Clarke. Exchanges started on Wednesday at 11:00 and I was able to be companions with Sister Clarke from 11:00 on Wed, to 4:00 on Thursday!! It was an amazing experience!! We spent about 2 hours in their area and then we served in the Temple Visitor's Centre!! It was so fun! I got to meet many really cool people! A couple from Utah came in and they were from Provo! Brother Durrant served in New Zealand in the 70's and he came back to visit the areas that he served in! I met a girl who lives in Hamilton Mission boundaries and got her call to serve in the Hamilton Mission! Crazy! I also met a girl who is visiting New Zealand from Hawaii and we had a really awesome discussion on the Atonement! There were not many people the came in and so a lot of the time we got to watch Mormon Messages and chat. The Visitor's Centre is so different from regular proselyting, but it was so cool to just get to sit and ponder and read the scriptures. I learned a lot about myself and about what my life is going to be like for the next little while! Attached is a picture of Sister Clarke, the sister who got called to her own mission, and I. (:

4972-> This is Maori bread! It is some of the best food I have ever tasted. I could literally eat it all day every day. Except it has heaps of butter and it isn't particularly the healthiest thing ever. But when members make it for us, I make sure to eat heaps. (:

4795-> This is what we ate at one of our Samoan families houses, the Salima family. They had told me the day before that the Samoan rule was that you had to eat all your food before you left the house, so...I was eating and eating and eating and I was so full! And then they all started laughing, even Sister Amituanai, and they were like, "It was a joke! You don't have to eat if you're full!" Man, it was crack up!

Every year the university has this big Hot Air Balloon Festival! A member of our ward sent us these pictures, but the balloons are absolutely amazing!

I love you all and I am so grateful to be serving a mission at this time! The work of salvation is moving forward so quickly!! Be a part of it!! Always be praying for missionary experiences and then be bold when you receive them!! Time is flying quicker than I though it would! It's already April! I'm thrusting in my sickle and I am serving with all my heart, might, mind, and strength and I won't give up on anyone who hasn't had the chance to hear the gospel! And you shouldn't either! (: This gospel is amazing, and we have a responsibility to share it with ALL THE PEOPLE!!!!!

Alofa Atu (Samoan for love),
Sister Pearce

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