Sunday, March 23, 2014

Where the heck are we? (Email Dated: March 23, 2014)

This week was such a roller coaster! So many cool stories that I have to share!

So, on Tuesday we had District Meeting! Let's just say that I miss my last district! But we have some good missionaries. After District Meeting, the Sister Training Leader came and asked us if we were busy for the day and we didn't have any set appointments so we let her know that we were free.
So, it turns out that Sister Petersen was in the hospital because of an unknown illness and her companion is none other than Sister Fisher! Well, they had some set appointments and since Sister Petersen couldn't leave the hospital, Sister Fisher needed a companion to go with her for the day. So, this is where it gets really fun...Sister Laban and Sister Clarke drove Sister Fisher, Sister Amituanai, and I to Elder Christie and Elder Bishop's flat to pick up Sister Fisher's car. Afterwards, Sister Fisher, Sister Amituanai, and I went out to lunch..we got fish 'n' chips, yummy. (: Then we went to pick up Sister Curtis, a member to go to the lesson with us. Well, we got to the lesson and the investigator wasn't home! We were so sad. Then we had to take Sister Fisher back to the hospital to be with her companion, but Sister Amituanai and I had no way home. So, Sister Fisher called the Zone Leaders and the Zone Leaders called the Assistants and it was decided that we would drop Sister Fisher off at the hospital and I would drive her car back into our area. MORALE OF THE STORY: I had a car...(: But wait, it gets, Sister Amituanai and I worked in our area for about 2 hours and then we had dinner at 4:30 with some of my favourite members, the Ngamanu Family, and then at 5:30, we went BACK to the hospital to pick up Sister Fisher for a dinner appointment that she had. Sister Fisher had called the Zone Leaders and asked if we could go on exchange so Sister Petersen didn't have to be alone. Sister Amituanai and Sister Petersen stayed at the hospital and Sister Fisher and I went on exchanges. (: The dinner appointment was a lesson with an investigator as well, so we had yummy Mexican Food and then had a wonderful lesson with Lucy. She doesn't believe in God and she is a very literal thinker, so it was a hard lesson, but I was blessed to be teaching with Sister Fisher and we did a really good job! After the lesson, which took way longer than planned, we drove back to the hospital to drop Sister Fisher off and on the way there, the Zone Leaders called and told us to just take Sister Fisher to the Sister Training Leader's flat and then drive the car home. Sister Amituanai said that she knew the way home, so I wasn't really worried about getting home. Well, nek minit...we are so lost and it's like 9:25 and we are meant to be home at 9:30. So, I made Sister Ami call the Zone Leaders and they try for like 10 minutes to find us and finally we make it back to their flat and then they drove us the time we actually got home it was 10 o'clock. And the Zone Leaders were so mad! I think Sister Ami felt really bad that she got us lost. But it was such a fun adventure! I loved having a car...especially driving on the other side of the road. (: It was awesome.

Well, that was a novelistic story, eh? Haha, well the ward that I'm serving in, the Lake Rotoroa Ward is ONTO IT AS! They are becoming such a missionary oriented ward! For example, in Relief Society, Sister MacTavish gave an AMAZING lesson on missionary work and was just super blunt about the fact that the Relief Society sisters were being lazy in their missionary work and how they needed to pick it up! So, Sister Halbert passed around a calendar for the sisters to put down what day the could go out with us...every day is filled! So, we'll be the most onto it ward in the stake in no time!

Bishop Thomsen sang a song in sacrament meeting, he sang A Poor Wayfaring Man, and I had no idea he could sing! And let me tell you....HE COULD SING. He has a practically angelic voice and he brought the Spirit in so strong! It was awesome. (:

Anyway, I didn't take any pictures this week, I slacked...shame on me, but I'll get better! Don't worry. (: I love you all so much! Have a really awesome week! Share the gospel with one of your friends this week and then let me know how it goes! (:

With much Aroha,
Sister Rachel Pearce (:

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