Tuesday, June 17, 2014

"Ingrid, Those Mormons are Here Again!"

This week was absolutely RUBBISH!! Nah, I'm just joking. The weather was though! Last Monday after we finished emailing, the rain started and it didn't end until Thursday night. It was just a drizzle, mind you, but torrential downpours that left my wonderful companion and I drenched from head to foot. We did have umbrellas and Sister Uele had a rain coat. Nothing works in New Zealand rain. (: It was absolutely awesome. I've never been in a rain like that! I just wish that it would've been warm rain, but we count our blessings, no matter what they are. (;

 We were supposed to have Zone Meeting this week on Thursday. And as much as I try to like Zone Meeting, I just...can't! Well, blessing in disguise, it got cancelled this week due to a lack of obedience in the mission. So, instead we get President Rudd himself! I'm not too sure what it'll be on, but it'll hopefully help the mission to grow into the awesome army of missionaries that we can be!

Well, I mentioned Jahvarn last week and said that he was going to be baptized this coming Friday...when we went to teach him on Tuesday, they decided to push back the date due to family coming in from Australia. So, he won't be baptized until August, but he is still going to be baptized. (: We are taking him to the Visitor's Centre tonight, so that should be good for both him and his mum!

So, we visited the Howard family the other day, the family with the huge dog? Anyway, we got there and Sister Howard's husband opened the door, looked at us, and yelled back into the house, "Ingrid THE MORMONS ARE HERE AGAIN!" and walked away. It was a little funny, but a little bit gutting at the same time. He's not a member and so we definitely want to be on good terms with him, but once Sister Howard came to the door, she clarified that he was in an especially foul mood that day. So, it didn't hurt our feelings too bad. (: It was just funny in the end!

Elder Faloon and Elder Napier had a baptism this week. They serve in the Sunnyhills Ward, but we got to go because I was the pianist. (: I'm telling you, I've used my piano talent more on my mission than ever before in my life!! Thank you, Sister Winterton!! (: Anyway, it was probably one of the most comical baptisms ever. The kid getting baptized, Caleb, walked into the font with his Samsung Galaxy in his pocket. Elder Faloon had to climb back out of the font and give it to the Ward Mission Leader. Second, Elder Faloon was wearing a ielavalava and one of the kids in front of the font said, "Is he wearing a skirt?" So, we were laughing about that..then when Caleb went under the water, he hit his head on the wall on the font. Not a light tap either. It was quite a loud, thud. And we all just kind of went, "Ooh." Like you do when someone gets hurt. (: So, it was pretty interesting, but it was good! Caleb bore his testimony and it was so powerful!!

Speaking of Testimonies...Vivid bore her testimony the last fast and testimony meeting we had. (: It was so sudden and random and absolutely beautiful!! She talked about us and then she talked about how she joined the church because she knows that it's Christ's church and then she said, "I also joined this church because the members in this ward are so friendly." That made me so happy!! She is growing so much in the gospel and I love watching it!!

Church was awesome yesterday, and the elders gave us a referral for a lady who believes in Joseph Smith, but doesn't believe in the Book of Mormon. What the heck, right? We went to visit her after church and we had a short and sweet conversation with her on the porch about the fact that she only listened to the Elders because she felt bad for them. So, we thanked her and admonished her to listen to the next set of missionaries that she meets. Well, we were walking away and we heard the door open again and she goes, "Hey, girls? Do you want a Milo?" And everything in me wanted to scream, "YES!" But I calmly and collectively said, "We would love a Milo." And we went in. She has read the whole Book of Mormon, but still believes that the Bible is sufficient! Sister Uele asked if she had prayed about it and she just kind of looked at us and said, "To be honest, I didn't." So, we committed her to pray about it and we are going to follow up with her next week!! So exciting!!

Well, that was the week! Sister Uele and I are getting along like two peas in a pod, which is definitely awesome. (: We laugh at everything and I am growing to love her!! (:


Sister Pearce

There's us. (: Have a good week. (:

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