Sunday, June 8, 2014

Transfer Week...What the Heck?

Holy cow, this week was hectic as! I seriously can't believe how incredibly hectic it was! Started off on Monday, and we went to do some shopping with some of the sisters in our zone. It was the Queen's Birthday, so everywhere was having AWESOME sales. (: So, that was really fun!

Tuesday, we had District Meeting and that was really good. We studied How To Begin Teaching and discussed the importance of the first few moments with an investigator. Really the first few minutes of teaching are crucial with an investigator and so it was really good to role play and get a little bit better at teaching! I really love teaching...everyone is so different and I love listening and discerning the needs of each different investigator!

******This was the end of her first email this week ********

Haha, whoops!! Sent it too soon. (:

Well, Tuesday after District Meeting, we got the transfer call...I have stayed in Lake Ward and Sister Amituanai has moved on to Papakura, my last zone. I got Sister Uele, a Tongan, straight from the Island! She is a lot different that all of my companions have been and I can feel the struggle that she is having. She wasn't ready to leave her last area and she hasn't quite adapted to the fact that I'm white...but all good! I'll keep chipping the ice away until we are best friends like the rest of my companions. (: She comes from a family of 10 children! Of which, she is the youngest and with only one brother! That's really all I've been able to get out of her though, it's like pulling teeth getting her to talk, but we'll get there! Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways. (:

Sister Amituanai and I had a fun couple of last days saying goodbyes to families and taking photos, which I will attach at the real end of my email! I seriously miss her! Even though her English wasn't the best, we were always working on it and she got so much better in the time that I was with her.

Well, we had a bit of a miracle this week!! Our WML, Brother Thomsen, gave us a referral for a family with an unbaptised 10 year old! We had dinner with the family last night and it was SO COOL!! The grandmother is active as and her daughter is just starting to come back to church. And it's the daughter's son that is going to get baptised next week!! So we are so excited about that! They are such a lovely family and so we are really excited to work with them. (:

So, we got a new Ward Mission Leader, I think I mentioned that, but we had our first couple of Missionary Coordination Meetings this week and Brother Thomsen is onto it as! He is so motivated to work and to have the members come out with us! Something that he is really encouraging us to do is get set appointments so that he can invite the members to come and participate in the lessons with us. He also has this really awesome plan to help us get the members more involved in doing their missionary work! We are so blessed to have such an awesome Ward Mission Leader. (:

I. Love. This. Work. I love serving the Lord full time and I am absolutely loving this area! It is so amazing out here! I don't ever want to come home...maybe I'll just apply for citizenship and stay here. (: That's how much I love it! Anyway, Love you all!!

5027-> This is our District!! Left to right > Sister Doole; Missouri, Sister Brown: Idaho, Sister Amituanai: Samoa, Me, Elder Bourke: Tonga, Elder Daugherty: Utah, Elder Faloon: Ireland, and Elder Au: Hong Kong

5028-> The Sisters. (:

5029-> Sister Brown and I(:

5030-> Sister Doole and I

5031-> This is the Piahana Family! From Left to Right > Brother Piahana, Sister Piahana, Sister Ami, Wiremu, and me!

5033-> Sister Amituanai and I

5035-> Us and Aaliyah (:

5050-> Us and Vivid, our recent convert!

5051-> This is us, Sister Ngamanu, Eva and Leah. Leah is the baby(:

5052-> This is us and the Thomsen Family doing the Pukana! It goes me, Sister Ami, Sister Thomsen holding Jacob, Brother Thomsen, Peter, and Matthew is Mr. Incredible!

5053-> This is our nice picture with the Thomsens. (:

5054-> This is us and the some of the Salima Family. The babies were a little bit sick, so they stayed in the room. So it's Sister Salima, Sister Ami, Sister Matthes: Sister Salima's daughter, and me!

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