Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I do's, Water, Fire, and Food (:

Okay. This week was really good. (: I struggled a little bit mentally the first half of the week and I learned some really good lessons. #1-Don't compare yourself to others. Preach My Gospel says that that is one of the greatest ways to get discouraged! And when you get discouraged, you lose faith and that is just no good whatsoever. Just don't do it. #2-Be patient. Heavenly Father's plan for you is not always apparent, but He does have a plan for you and it will be better for you than you think it will be. And #3-Miracles don't have to be akin to parting the Red Sea, they can be as simple as somebody turning on the font for us when we had a million other things to do. (:

Okay, rewind back to Wednesday: Christine was still looking for a wedding dress. Sister Verry who works at the Distribution Center said that we should bring her in to look at the temple dresses and she could get one that she could get married in and then baptized in. So, we took her and Lawrence to the Distribution Center. I think that if they would have had the money, Lawrence would've bought every piece of reading, watching and other material that he could buy. But since he couldn't, he settled for some white pants. Which was good. Now both he and she have white clothes for the temple when they get sealed. (: After we got their stuff, we went up to the Visitor's Centre. We watched God's Plan with them and then we went into the Christus Room to listen to that. By the time it was over, both Chrissy and Lawrence has tears running down their faces. The Spirit was so strong!

Okay, now...Saturday...was probably one of the greatest days of my mission so far. The day started out filling the font and luckily someone had been to the chapel before us and started it up so far, hence the miracle. So, we went about setting up chairs and getting the rooms ready for the big day. (: Sister Ngamanu showed up and we started setting up the Relief Society room for the Food. (: Mm, yummy. There's nothing better than Maori family feed. (; Then more people started showing up to help set up and Sister Heu brought the flowers and the cake, which was absolutely beautiful! Well, the whanau started showing up and there were heaps of non-members. It was really awesome! 11 o'clock rolled around and we were still missing our Bride. The Groom was there and looking spiffy, but the Bride was no where to be found. Quarter past came and went and then finally, at half past, the Bride arrived. One of the great brothers from our ward Brother Sinclair offered to take photos. I was lucky and got to be on the stand because I was playing the piano when she got there. We all stood up and I got a front row seat to the emotion that Lawrence displayed. The second Chrissy walked in the room, tears just started pouring down his face. It was so tender and cute. (: Bishop Verry said a few words (this was the first wedding he'd performed as Bishop and he was so nervous, but did so well!!) and then the ceremony was performed! It was so beautiful. The 'I do's were said and the license was signed and then we moved into the Primary Room for the baptismal service. It was short and sweet, but very spiritual. And then they were both baptised. Because of the amount of non-members there, people clapped after they were baptized...a little different, but still really awesome. (: The luncheon afterwards was really awesome and the food was...very very good. (: Then we cleaned up and it was just really awesome. (; When I arrived in New Zealand I decided that one day before my mission was over I wanted to have a Wedding Baptism and I have! And I am so grateful that I have been able to watch Lawrence and Chrissy grow in the Gospel. And I can't wait for the time that they get to enter the temple to be sealed as a family. It will be such a beautiful day!

Later that night the Elders had a baptism and it was definitely a spirit filled day and it will be one that neither Lawrence, Christine, or Thra will forget. (:

I love you all and I am truly grateful to be serving the Lord. (:

Sister Pearce

Picutres from the Visitor's Centre and the Wedding Baptism!

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