Sunday, July 6, 2014

Breathe in, Breath out

This week...was so long....and so rainy....but hey, that's what a mission is all about, eh? Some good weeks, some not so good weeks...but all weeks add up into an experience that would never ever change for the world! (:

Okay, it's officially been 8 months as of yesterday. EIGHT MONTHS :O I'm actually a little bit in shock. I can't believe the many many things that I have experienced, the many many people I have met, and all the things that I have learned. It has been so amazing!

Okay, so we had another slow week. I think a large part of it is how immensely rainy it has been. And I've heard that today is our last day of sunshine before the Heavens once again open up and pour out their...yeah. Rain. (: It's not exactly warm rain, but it is definitely an adventure every day.(: Sister Uele and I are going to try and find some gum boots that we can wear around. Woo!!

So, for an update on Christine and Lawrence this week. We found out that Lawrence smokes, but that he has already started to quit. Miraculously, the High Priest Group Leader in our ward helps people quit smoking for a living, so he has offered to help. (: They are still so amazing. Reading the Book of Mormon, coming to church, praying...all the things. (: We had two family home evenings with them this week and it is so much fun teaching them because they are just so open to everything the gospel has to offer. (:

Sister Uele's birthday was on Wednesday and so that was really fun getting to celebrate her 20th birthday with her. (: We had a birthday party for her at one of our favourite members houses, I'll attach pictures. It was a total blast. (:

I am seriously loving it here in good ol' NZ. (: I have never been more happy than I am here. It has been repeatedly confirmed to me that this is where I am supposed to be. This is MY time to shine and to become the person that will be me for the rest of  my life. (: I love my companion, probably more than anything else about the mission. All of my companions: Sister Holmes, Sister Miggin, Sister Leung-wo, Sister Amituanai, and Sister Uele have helped me to grow and to become better. I have learned so many awesome life lessons and I am excited to continue to learn and grow. Even though nothing is perfect, everything is worth it, all the tears, all the trials, all the laughter, all the wet...soaking wet clothes and shoes, all the holes, all the rude people, and all the amazing's. all. worth. it. I now understand why the mission is so important for young men and young women. There is something that you learn on a mission that you could never learn anywhere else. The time flies...I can't believe it...I don't want to waste any time. (: Heavenly Father is counting on me!!

Ofa atu! Ofa ke mou ma'u ho uike fiefia!

Sister Pearce

Okay, here go the descriptions:
5148->This is me and Chrissy and Lawrence's little boy, Jahkayiss...and Sister Uele's arms. (:

5150->This is Sister Uele, Me, and Jahkayiss. (:

5151->This is Sonia, Me,and Sister Uele...Sonia was being cheeky. (:

5153->This is Sister Uele cutting her cake. Part of the culture here is that the birthday person cuts the cake for everyone else. (:

5155->Sister Uele and I

5157->Okay, so from left to right: Sonia Fortune, Chrissy Himiona, Sister Uele, Jahkayiss, and Lawrence. (:

5159->All the same people as in 5157 + Me.  (:

5162->So, I set my camera on a timer that took what I thought would be three pictures, but it took like 7 instead, so we were all getting a little bit annoyed. (: It was pretty funny.

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