Sunday, May 18, 2014

cold, Cold, COLD! (Email Dated 18 May 2014)

Not too much of an exciting week this week. Actually, it was rather slow and slower, but it was still good!

It started out on Monday, Skyping my Whanau!!! (: I was so good to see them and talk to them face to face. (:

Tuesday we had District Meeting, which was really good. I struggle to enjoy the presence of my district leader, but he made up for it at District Meeting! It was his first time conducting one and he actually did alright! We talked about Finding People to Teach and it was really good for Sister Amituanai and I. We are struggling to find people to teach right now, so it was a really good training for us! Then we did some really awesome role plays!! We lined up in the hall and had two lines and just rotated teaching the restoration in a minute! They were so effecting! I loved them! I don't normally like role plays, but these were really good and I learned HEAPS! I love the Spirit! He is teaching me so much out here in New Zealand! (:

Wednesday, we visited with a cute little old lady called Sister Keen and while we were getting ready to leave, it started POURING rain. And I am neither exaggerating, nor lying when I say pouring with rain. In New Zealand, no one wears shoes in houses, except for slippers or what have you, and so our shoes were outside and so we got them inside and Sister Keen wouldn't let us leave. Even though we wanted to, she just wouldn't let us leave while it was raining. While we appreciated her concern for us, it was a little...not effective. (: But it was good, she opened up to us and we helped her with some concerns. (:

On Friday night we had our sports night at the chapel! I love sports night! I love of less actives come and it is just a less scary than coming to sacrament cold turkey. (: This ward is seriously so awesome. (: The Lake Ward is known as the "Happy Ward." And it is so true! All the people in this ward are so happy and friendly. (: I love this area! Hamilton is awesome. (:

Our miracle for the week: We texted one of our less actives during planning one night to see if we could come and visit her the next day and she never texted us back. The following night she called and asked us to come and do Family Home Evening with her and her family! Fun Fact: Her husband is a non member and has been coming to church for the past couple of weeks! It's awesome. (:

Well, this week was awesome, as unexciting and slow as it was! I'm so grateful to be a missionary. (: I love the work and I love mission life!!(: I've been out for almost 7 months, and I seriously don't know where the time has gone. It's insane!! I love New Zealand. I can't imagine being anywhere else in the world and I can't imagine not being a missionary. The longer I am here, the more I realize that the Lord knows us and he knows what we need in our lives. (: THE GOSPEL IS TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go share the gospel with your friends and family! Be a MEMBER MISSIONARY!!!!!!(:

Love, Sister Pearce

4945 -> Skyping the Whanau. (: (Fanoh is how you pronounce it because 'wh' is 'f' here (: )

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