Sunday, May 4, 2014

Started from the Bottom and Now I'm Here - April 21-28

WHOOOOO!!!!!!!! This week was pivotal for me and this week probably reaped more growth from within than any other week on my mission. Something changed, clicked, this week that made me realize a couple of things
      #1- I have really strong faith
      #2- I CAN DO THIS!!
      #3- I Want to do this

I had, technically, my first baptism this week. Vivid Huang got baptized!! What a beautiful service it was too, I absolutely loved it. Something that our mission is trying to incorporate is a missionary presentation while the convert is getting changed and Sister Amituanai and I planned to show the new message "Because of Him." And our ward mission leader prepared something, too. Well, we didn't coordinate and both of the videos were centered on the Saviour. It was so cool! And the Spirit was so strong. I couldn't believe it. (:

This week we had zone conference and it was singlehandedly the most spiritually uplifting experience of my mission. Elder Pearsen from the Quorum of the Seventy came and spoke to us for about 4 1/2 hours about all different aspects of missionary work. But before he started to speak to us, he told us that he could only go as far as we would let him go. And the second he said that the Spirit literally flooded into the room. He then told us that we needed to write down, not only what he said, but what we felt. I seriously could not write fast enough. The Spirit taught me so many things yesterday and it was absolutely life changing. I am so excited to apply what I learned and truly become a consecrated missionary!! I have always been half consecrated, but I am going to be completely consecrated. I am going to give literally all I have to the work. I am not going to hold anything back and I am going to become the best missionary that Heavenly Father knows I can be!! I love being a missionary!!

This month, I hit my 6 month mark. I also hit my year left mark and I honestly cannot believe how fast the time has flown and it motivates me even further to give my all because I cannot get this time back. And I am going to live with no regrets! (:

Something that I'd like to leave with all of yous is this, study the scriptures. Notice that I didn't say read the scriptures. Study, feast, ponder the scriptures. And be where you are when you're there. Give your attention. If you're studying the scriptures, STUDY THE SCRIPTURES, don't have your phone nearby, put it away. Don't be distracted, the Lord deserves your time. Do you deserve to be taught by the Lord?

Sister Pearce (:

4902,3 -> We were filling up the font for Vivid's baptism and there was this MASSIVE cricket swimming around and so I made Sister Amituanai get it out. (:

4905 -> Sister Ami and I baked!! I made Maori bread, Paratihi Bread, and Sister Amituanai made cookies. It was the first time that she had ever cooked anything in her life!! She did a great job. (:

4909,13 -> This is us and Vivid and Bishop Thomsen. (: WHOO!!

4859 -> This is Elder Sharma, Elder Tautu, and Elder Tomorono. (:

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