Sunday, May 25, 2014

It's a Hard Knock Life

Holy Llamas. This is was the craziest week of my life. Not only my life. It started out last Monday. Sister Amituanai and I finished off our P-day with a much needed nap. (: Then at 6 o'clock, we rode our bikes to our appointment. We had FHE with a less active lady in our ward. (: Her name is Sonia and she is so awesome. She has been on and off active for her whole life and she is just starting back into activity once again. We had an awesome lesson with her and we watched some Mormon Messages that really touched her. (:We finished up FHE with her and left. Well, we got onto the road and we were riding down the hill when the front tire of my bike hit a pothole and sent me flying over the handlebars. I knew right then that I was probably going to die...the next series of unfortunate events happened all in a matter of seconds,but I'm going to try and describe them to yous all: my hands went smashing into the footpath and then because of the angle of my 'dive,' my forehead then smashed into the footpath. Looking back, I think I might've blacked out, but I can't remember. Then I remember my arm/elbow hitting the ground and assuming that it was broken. But fearing my bike was going to flip over onto me, I rolled to the left, which affirmed to me that my arm was broken. I got up as fast as I could, but I'm not really sure how fast that actually was. I stood up and by this time Sister Amituanai realized that I had fallen and she was running to help me. All of a sudden I had this burning anger towards my bike/helmet, so I took my helmet off and chucked it at the ground. I was crying at this point, but surprisingly, I wasn't in too much pain. I think the adrenaline was saving me, but I was standing there crying, angry at my bike. Sister Ami, who had her senses about her, decided that we would go back to Sonia's house. In my head, I told myself to man up and stop crying and be tough. We got back to Sonia's house, Sister Ami carrying all the things because my head and my hands were bleeding profusely. Sonia opened the door and for some reason seeing her just made me start bawling all over again! Well, Sonia and her non-member husband helped me clean out my wounds and dress them. Man, washing out my hands was one of the most painful things I've every had to go through. Rocks were coming out of both my head and my hands and my legs were shaking like little leaves. Sister Ami called Elder Sharma and Elder Tautu, our zone leaders, to come and pick us up. By this time my arm started hurting again, and Sonia's husband said that I should probably go to A&E to get my arm x-rayed. The zone leaders came and picked us up and took us to A&E, but the wait was three hours and I just wanted to go home and sleep. So, I slept, with a broken arm and concussion. (: Probably not smart,but I'm alive. The next morning we ended up back at A&E and my arm is indeed broken and I suffered from a minor concussion.

It's made for an interesting week...especially because winter is coming and it is super windy, rainy, and cold. But all good!! I love working and being a missionary! Even the setbacks make it totally awesome! The work is never boring! That's for sure! Here are some pictures of my injuries...(:

I hope that you are all sensing the urgency for missionary work!! Because the time is now! We can't procrastinate anymore. So, share the gospel, talk to your friends, be BOLD!!(: The gospel is true, and the Savior lives! There is no doubt in my mind that we are placed where we are because there are people that can benefit from our presence and from the gospel. (:

"Go forward with a twinkle in your eye and smile on your face, but with great purpose in heart!" -President Hinkley

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