Sunday, April 26, 2015

17 Months and 3 Weeks old!

Who knew this day would come? I certainly didn't! This week is going to be the best week ever! 

It wasn't the most exciting week last week. There was a public holiday and seriously everyone was commemorating Anzac Day. So, really it was kind of a slow week. (: But we did have a couple of cool moments, as always. (: 

Monday was probably the best Preparation Day I have ever had in the mission field. The weather was really good, so we decided that we would go to Back Beach. I am not kidding you, the weather was absolutely perfect. No wind. Not too hot and not too cold. It was perfect. The tide was out and so were all of the star fish and sea anemones. It was SO COOL!! We found so many cool shells and paua shells and crabs and star fish and sea slugs. Man, it was the best Preparation Day ever! I attach and send heaps of photos. (:

We had a lesson with one of our less actives named Skye this week. And it was such a cool lesson! Sister Cardall came with us and we didn't teach what we had planned, but we did teach about standing alone. President Monson's talk kept coming to my head, so we shared Dare To Stand Alone ( and it was so inspired! It was a really cool lesson. (: 

Sister Cardall called us this week and asked if we could drop her off to a sister that she was going to be visiting teaching. So, we dropped her off and then we got invited in! It was such a cool visit. This sister is from Idaho, but had her name removed from church records a long time ago. So, we chatted with her for a while and then they told us that the Elders were coming, so we jetted off in like two seconds. But it was cool and we are definitely going to start visiting her more and more. (: 

One day this week we were trying to decide where we needed to be and Sister Perry says, "I really feel that we need to visit Gwen!" So, we drove to Gwen's house and as we sit down Gwen says, "Man, I was just going to call you because I have an awesome story to tell you!" So, she went on to tell us that every morning after she finishes night shift she buys a pie for breakfast (not the pie that I know you're thinking of right now. A meat pie) and this particular morning she got there a little later than usual. Well, in front of Gwen was Bonnie Heath. The less active member I mentioned last week. So, Gwen got way excited and called out to her and started telling her how she was taking the missionary lessons and that she was going to be baptised. And then! Gwen brought up Bonnie's mission and apparently Bonnie got real excited and was talking about her mission. And then Gwen, the awesome missionary she is, invited Bonnie to her baptism. And Bonnie said that she has May 2 off and that she'll try really hard to make it. How flippin' cool is that? (: Gwen is so awesome!!!!

Well, that's about it for this week! I'll send some photos! 

I love you all!! Thank you for supporting me as I have served the Lord. 
0004->Back Beach!! 

0007->Classic Name in the sand. 

0010->Love hearts in the shadow. (:

0016->Classic badges in the sand. (:

0026->Sister Perry and I . (:

0032->Sea Slug!

0036->Star Fish!

0038->A beautiful view.(:

0040->A cool waterfall coming from no where. (:

1040197-> Coolest jumping photo ever!!!! 

1040224-> Us and Gwen. We finally got a photo with her! (:

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