Thursday, February 12, 2015

A Week of Firsts - Email Dated: 01/11/15

What a crazy full week this was!

Basically we spent every day mowing a lawn for a less active. When she asked us to mow her lawn, we thought she meant lawn, but she really could've classified it as a jungle. There were a couple of points that I thought I would have to call for help because I was lost. No, it wasn't that bad, but it did take us about four days with one lawn mower and two sister missionaries. (: It was intense. We borrowed the lawn mower from the elders to do it and we found an investigator that needed her lawns mowed and so we mowed her jungle as well. Now, keep in mind that I have never mowed a lawn before in my life. (Don't judge me) But seeing my parents doing it every week and stuff really prepared me for what it would be like. (: It was awesome. It was incredibly sunny and hot, but it was awesome. 

After we had finished our investigator's lawn, we called the elders to see if they needed their mower and they didn't need it right then, so we went on our way back to our flat to change back into proselyting clothes. Then 5 minutes later the elders called us back and asked us to come and give them a hand with some things at the petrol station. Here's the situation that they were faced with:
1. They were helping a single mother investigator move house and she asked them to rent a trailer from the petrol station. 
2. Because they were in mufftie, they both had forgotten their licenses. 
3. You can't rent a trailer without a Full New Zealand Driver's License. Luckily I had mine.
Well, they wanted me to rent the trailer with their investigator's card and my license and then they were planning on pulling the trailer. Luckily, we sisters have a little more intelligent brains and suggested that if they got pulled over it would not be good for them. So, I ended up pulling the trailer. A second first of the week. But it was so fun! We had such a blast helping Cindy move house. I love being able to serve! 

This week we had Zone Meeting and due to a General Authority's appearance in our mission in a couple of months, we have been committed to read the Book of Mormon by March 8. So, I calculated from where I was and it comes out to about 6 pages a day. It's been amazing. I have been able to receive so much insight from reading and pondering. I love the Book of Mormon. 

This church is true, my friends, it really is. It's as simple as that. 

Much Aroha,
Sister Pearce 

6802->We heart attacked the Cardalls, our seniour couples flat door this week. (: 
6807->The Sun had a rainbow thing around it this week! So cool!
6809->Sister Penales and I at Zone Meeting. (:
 6812->This is Elder Anderson. I asked him to take a photo for me and this is what I got along with the photos I wanted. (: It describes his personality PERFECTLY.
6813->All the Sisters of the Taranaki Zone!
6820->Sister Mihaere, Sister Thalman, and I. (:

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