Sunday, February 22, 2015

And We Walked and Walked

What a crazy week this has been! The beginning of the week was kind of slow, but still full of teaching and testifying which was awesome. (: I love sharing my testimony!

Monday evening we cleaned our Crazy Cat Lady's house. Now take the worst thing you have ever cleaned and then multiply it by 3000 and then that's Crazy Cat Lady's house. Her house probably hasn't been cleaned in 15 years, give or take a few millenia. But we felt really prompted to help her clean and so we buckled down and did it. A couple of times, we almost died, but we made it through. After cleaning 14 inches of cat hair, poop, dirt, mould, and grime off of her floor, it finally looked a little bit and smelled a little bit better than when we got there. We didn't get it all clean, to do that we'd need 200 professional cleaning squads, but we made an improvement. It was pretty rewarding. (: Oh, the joys of mission life. 

Thursday morning we had Zone Meeting and it was I think the best Zone Meeting that I have ever been to. It was so good. We talked about Miracles and how miracles can happen every day, every day, every day. Elder Romney said something that really made sense to me, "You can't believe in God if you don't believe in miracles." So, I found that really inspiring. And we learned how to seek learning by faith in preparation for our Elder Bednar conference tomorrow. It is going to be so amazing! 

Well, the Zone Leaders committed us to 1) every night during daily planning to plan for a specific miracle for the next day 2) in every prayer to pray specifically for that miracle to occur and 3) to work as hard as we could to achieve the miracle. So Sister Perry and I did it! Friday night, we planned to talk with 50 people to next day. 

Saturday rolls around and it is raining cats and dogs. We finish study and it is still raining. But we went truckin' into the rain anyway. No one was on the street and nobody was answering doors and we were starting to get a little fearful, I guess. We went home for lunch, got dry and warm. And then 5 minutes before we went back out after lunch, the skies parted and the sun shone through. WHAT A MIRACLE!! We were so excited. So, we drove out to bell block to do some tracting out there and it was still sunny. Hot, in fact. It was awesome. We had to put on sun cream and everything. After 3 hours of tracting out there we had no success, but we had talked with and taught quite a few people, but still had about 25 people we needed to talk to. So, we said a prayer and decided to go walk up and down the costal walkway. 2 hours later we had talked with 51 people and taught 20 other lessons. It was such a miracle. We walked so much and were beat, but it was worth it. I learned that after the trial of your faith and after you thrust in your sickle, the miracles that you plan for can happen! I know that to be true. (: 

Life is good. (: Today we are driving up to Hamilton, which is about 4 1/2 hours north east of here. We'll stay the night in Hamilton and then Tuesday morning, we'll drive another 2 hours to Auckland for a combined Hamilton and Auckland mission conference with Elder David A Bednar! IT WILL BE AMAZING. I will definitely come away from there with a jug of spiritual knowledge. (: 

We, again, didn't take many photos this week...slacker! But don't worry, I promise that I will get better. 

I love you all so much. I love this Gospel with all of my soul. There are so many things that I have learned that will bless me forever. "A testimony means that you know the Gospel is true, but to be converted means to consistently be true to the Gospel." 

Sister Pearce 

7087 Sister Perry and I. Aren't we cute?

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