Monday, February 9, 2015

Email: Dated 11/9/14

This week was really good. On Thursday, I hit the Year Mark of my 18 month mission. It is so crazy how fast the time has gone. It actually scares me a little bit. Especially being with Sister Baird who goes home in just a few transfers. There is a chance that I might be with her until she dies. (In the mission sense.) And I would have no complaints about that. We have too much fun together. (:
This week really wasn't that amazing or miraculous, but it was life changing for me. My studies has become so intense and I continually learn so many things through them. I can feel my testimony and my roots growing deeper and deeper into the soil of the gospel.
We had exchanges this week and so I got to go on exchange with our Sister Training Leader, Sister Doole. We were in my area and we went out the Beachlands to contact all of our potential investigators out there. Unfortunately, not many people were home, but it was good to learn some new techniques from her!
So, Basically, we made Pumpkin Pie this week for our investigators. It was not easy locating Pumpkin in a can, mind you. We asked the worker at New World and his face was priceless, " a CAN?!" But we located some and because we're missionaries we had to take very special measures to make it turn out. First, we did not have a food processor for the dough, so I used my hands. Second, we didn't have any plain flour, so we used Self-raising...we'll come back to that. We then realised that we did not have a pie tin, so we used our frying pan. (; So, we made it all up and we put it in the oven. Then we had to plan for the next day and whilst praying I prayed for the pumpkin pie to turn out nicely. I think that is the first time I have ever prayed for the food to cook properly. Well, it did! Unfortunately, the pan's handle did not appreciate the heat and is now loosey goosey, but it is all good. (: Haha. So, last night, we took it to our investigators, who had made us a Kiwi Roast Dinner, with Roast Lamb, coleslaw, potatoes, and something that tasted exactly like Zuccini, but looked more like a giant cucumber. It was so good. Then we ate the pumpkin pie. Due to the self raising flour, the crust on the bottom was super thick, but it was so good. And Joanne and Warren say, "Tell your mum and dad thank you for teaching their daughter how to make pumpkin pie." haha. (: So, there you go Mum and Dad. (:
I love you all. I am seriously so grateful for this gospel and I am so grateful for the opportunity that I have to serve the Lord full-time. So far, this has been the best year for my life and also the best year of my life. (:
I love you all!!
Ofa Atu,
Sister Pearce
6488 The Beach!!!!
6500 The tide was so low we were able to walk out to one of the Islands off the coast. It was beautfiful!
6504 Sister Doole and I. (:


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