Tuesday, February 10, 2015

I Know Why I'm Here!! - Email Dated 12/14/14

This week has been somewhat of a trying week, lots of rejection and such. But alas, there must be opposition in all things, eh?

This is my 5th area in the mission field. Each area has been so great and I have learned from all of the people that I have served around, but this area has already changed my life. I'm not sure if I mentioned this, but a couple of weeks ago, we moved flats. We weren't too sure why we moved flats, but we knew that there had to be a really good reason. 

This week, we learned the reason.

We'd been trying our hardest to meet our neighbours and we met one of them when we moved in and his name is Martin. We see him quite often because he goes out onto his front step to smoke and so we just take the opportunity to talk with him. We haven't been pushing the gospel onto him, but he asks questions and we answer them and then life goes on. We have quite the Father - Daughter relationship. It has been really awesome getting to know him. His wife passed away quite a while ago and this week we really learned a lot about him and we really feel that we are going to be able to help him. He has told us that he has a really searching mind. And that he is pretty open minded. I think we'll see him baptised. We know why we are here in New Plymouth. His late wife has sent Sister Baird and I to him because she knows that he'll listen to us. He feels the Spirit when he's around us. It's incredible. We'll make great progress with him. It's so awesome! I love being a missionary!! 

There must be opposition in all things. I have learned that so strongly in the past week. On the mission I have learnt that we must go through opposition to see the beauty. We face a lot of rejection on the mission. We met a couple this week and all we asked them was if we could help them and he told us to go away. I mean, I won't say it was as bad as it could've been, but it was a little bit gutting. But we know, I know, that there is a much brighter scene waiting for us. 

This gospel is true. I know without a shadow of a doubt. I know that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God. Follow his counsel and you WILL NOT go astray. I know that the Book of Mormon is Another Testament of Jesus Christ. Read it. Love it. 

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Sister Pearce

6718-> This is Sister Baird, Elder Mitchell, and Elder Jensen, and I on Back Beach. (: It is so beautiful. WE BELIEVE IN TARANAKI!!!!!!!!! 
6719-> Give credit when credit is due. (: Credit is due to Mount Paritutu.  (I rhymed...that's how good I am.) 
6725-> This is our G-E-T-O (<-Sister Baird's spelling...she's my special companion.(: ) Christmas Tree that the Elders picked up for us on the side of the road. They had to butter us up for the nasty as soup they made us as a prank...Elders...what can you do with 'em? 

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